Goldendoodle Coat Colors and Patterns

Coat Colors and Patterns

Color or pattern can often be the first thing we notice about a dog. They are absolutely eye-catching and beautiful.
However, color should be one of the least important things to consider when looking for a new fur friend.
While we understand that everyone has certain aesthetic preference, breeding for specific colors as a primary goal can be a highly dangerous breeding practice.
If a breeder is only breeding for color it could cause them to over look more important qualities, such as genetic health, temperament, and structure.
The genetic pool for dogs is limited. It is very difficult to find dogs that meet important, ethical breeding requirements (health, temperament, structure) that are ALSO great producers of desired colors and patterns.
It can and does happen, but it's an added bonus, it is not a primary goal for a ethical breeder. We do not breed for color (or size) as a primary goal.
We do try to meet the aesthetic preferences of our families whenever possible, but will not sacrifice the quality and health of our dogs for fashion. Dacus Doodles does not charge extra when we happen to have popular color or pattern, as the value of our puppies is in their temperament, health, structure, and the work we do to raise them. These puppies become part of our family and we want what is best for them.
When possible and when all other things are equal, we will choose popular colors and sizes, but we will NEVER make that selection over our main goals of health, structure, and temperament.
Puppies are living, breathing individuals, not a car you can have custom ordered to impress your neighbors.
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