Dacus Doodles November 2022

Happy November!!

Keep your pets safe and healthy this Holiday Season.

Dog safe foods:

Turkey meat, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are all safe, healthy foods to share with your dog.

Avoid these foods:

Turkey bones, skin, and gravy.Stuffing.Casseroles.Mashed potatoes.Creamed peas.Chocolate, cookies, pies, and sweets (especially anything containing xylitol) Alcoholic beverages, Raisins and grapes.

We make it a rule not to feed our doggos from the table as it can cause bad behavior, begging.

Here is a great recipe for dog treats. We have made them and our dogs love them!

Applesauce and Oatmeal Dog Treats

We made these on our facebook live last week. Easy to make and our dogs approve!

Applesauce is wonderful to use in baking recipes—for people and pets. It can be substituted for butter or fat, while adding fantastic flavor and texture. It especially comes in handy when baking gluten-free recipes, as it adds extra moisture, fiber, and nutrients. We used it in our Applesauce and Oatmeal Dog Treats, in addition to The Honest Kitchen's Grain Free Beef Recipe, and our happy taste test dogs give it four paws up!

Click Here for the recipe


Check out our calendar 

November Calendar

Saturday November 5th Bernhardt Winery
from 12-6 for their Nutcracker Artisan Market. 
Yall come see us Sip, Shop & Support Local! Find out more here


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