Future Litters

Upcoming 2021 Litter's
We plan to pair Lucy and Maverick for a winter litter. So long as everything goes as planned Lucy and Maverick will mate around September. Depending on her exact timing of coming into heat puppies would go to their forever homes late December or in January!
Maverick Multigen Goldendoodle Dacus Doodles  Lucy Goldendoodle Dacus Doodles
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Upcoming 2022 litter's
We are hopeful for Multigenerational Standard size Goldendoodle litter's from Ethel Mae, Charleigh Grace and Lucy Lou in 2022. If you have questions about these litter's please email us or message us on any of our social media channels. 
Keep checking back for updates on who will be paired with our sweet girls for these litter's.  A full list of future litter details will be posted soon! 
We are now accepting puppy applications.
Please email us if you would like to fill one out. 
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