DD April 8th thru April 14th

This week at DD!
April 8th - April 14th
➡️ What is Happening at The Puppy Palace?
We are preparing it for the arrival of Charleigh’s litter.
Charlieigh will have her X-ray for a puppy count. If she has more than 6 puppies we will open her list up again.
Fill out our puppy application here
➡️ Upcoming Events!
Because we will be on puppy watch, we will not have any in-person shows this week. But, we will host a live sale in our DD VIP group on Thursday. Join the group for more details! VIP Group
➡️ Join Our DD VIP Product Group
Thank you for being a part of the DD community. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you and your pets. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!
📸 Pictured: Charleigh wearing one of our newly released bandanas
Tammy, Carli, and The DD Gang!

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