Happy and Safe 4th of July

Dogs’ ears are sensitive.
Be wise about Fireworks around your dog
Unlike human hearing, which serves primarily for communication, a dog's hearing is primarily designed for hunting small prey in the wild. Due to its increased sensitivity, a dog's hearing can be damaged more easily than human hearing. This means that loud noises that may not affect humans can be detrimental to a dog's hearing.
More pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day, so you should take extra steps to ensure their safety.
🐾 Keep your gates closed
🐾 Do not take your pet to a fireworks show
🐾 Leave your pet with a good chew toy such as a deer atler to chew on. This helps him releive stress. A Chillax bone is also a great idea 
🐾 Take your dog for a walk, let them out to potty before fireworks start.
🐾 Make sure your pet has a collar with and ID on it.
🐾 Give your pet something to relax them such as Chillax 
You can also contact @Sacred Leaf Conroe - the store owner Megan is so helpful.

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