September 11th-17th

What is going on this week at Dacus Doodles from September 11th-17th

We have been busy busy here at DD!

• Charleigh Grace gave birth to a beautiful litter of 6 girls on September 5th. They are doing wonderful gaining weight and being chunky little nuggets! The Princesses are fully reserved.
• Rosie Rae gave birth to a beautiful litter of 10 boys and girls on September 9th! They are doing wonderful, and we will be posting individual photos soon! Her list is almost full!
• We are waiting on Mama Mae AKA Ethel to go into labor now and are so excited for her to welcome her pups into the world!

Our Painted Tree booth in Cinco Ranch is set up and ready to shop 7 days a week!! We will be bringing new products this week including one of our handcrafted dog kennels!

These cooler mornings have been so nice! We have been enjoying coffee on the back porch and our gang have been romping and playing in the mornings!

DD does not have a scheduled Live this week, but I am sure we will hop on to chat with y’all!

As you know Dacus Doodles is a PawTree distributer which means y’all can get all your dog food, supplements and find the best food for them! We are happy to help you set up a pet profile, and send a sample of yummy treats from us! All of our puppies will go home with a sample of Pawtree food and we will set up your profile at puppy visit!

🛍️ Join our DD VIP Product Group

Fun Fact: According to Pawprint Genetics - After a little math, It is determined that a female dog would have a 3.2% chance of giving birth to six puppies of the same sex (assuming an equal likelihood of producing male or female)

Tammy & Carli and the DD gang

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