Brushing your Doodle

We brush our doodles once a week to keep mats/undercoat away!

We have used so many techniques and tools to help us brush.  Here is what we have found to be effective and when we take our doods to the groomer, they are happy we have brushed them!

We brush once a week with a dog slicker brush from We Love Doodles and use a comb just to make sure we do not have any mats or undercoat left behind. 

Get this slicker brush here on Amazon  you can also grab the comb on Amazon too

The specially designed pin needles safely work through your Goldendoodle's coats that are dense at the root. It easily removes loose hair while at the same time creates a fluffy soft coat. You’ll also notice that the pins are L-shaped so they won’t scratch your doodles skin as your brush them. 

Lastly, the uniquely designed wood handle is easy to hold and maneuver when brushing your dog. The handle is extra-long and ergonomically friendly which reduces arm and hand fatigue. You’ll notice that there is a curved back to the brush which allows for more control, movement, and direction as you brush your dog. It’s honestly the best brush for a Gooldendoodle and I have been using it for about a year. The only downside of this slicker brush is that it is not self-cleaning. However, most of these “self-cleaning” features don’t work properly and ruin the pins on your slicker brush.

We use the line brushing technique. Learn more about line brushing here

Any questions? Please feel free to ask!!


Tammy & Carli and the Dacus Doodles Gang

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