DD May 22nd thru 28th

What is going on this week at Dacus Doodles from May 22th thru May 28th

💐 Cholla is still looking for his human family to spoil rotten.  He has a laid back personality (like his dad Maverick) and he is a  cuddle bug.  He is 10 weeks old, has been sleeping in his kennel with no accidents and going out to potty during the day.  He has also been working on sit and recall.


 “Blue” found his human and he will start training to become a public service dog soon.  We can't wait to share some great progress reports with yall!

🧖‍♀️ Charleigh has a spa day this week.

🐾 Our 2023 list are open contact us for more info. We will open Rosie Rae’s winter litter soon. We are excited to announce who she will be paired with!

🛍️ Join our DD VIP Product Group 

 🛍️ We will be at Bernhardt Winery Saturday from 12-6 for the  Houston Hill Country Artisan Market.  Yall come see us. 

🤩 Fun Fact:  A dog's nose is the equivalent of a human fingerprint with every nose having a unique pattern of ridges and creases.

Read more on our blog.  

We are thankful for the dry warmer weather this week.  The doods have so much more fun when they can run and play in the back yard.


Tammy & Carli and the DD gang

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