Find Out What's on the Agenda at DD this week!

What is going on this week at Dacus Doodles from August 7th thru August 13th.

🐶 All of our Fall/Winter pairings have honeymooned. We have limited availability our lists. See our upcoming litters here or message us for more information. 

🤩  We are hopeful to share some exciting news this week.

 🐶 Ethel enjoying some time outside before it gets to hot! She is one of our foundation girls and Carli’s adventure buddy.  She loves to go camping, paddle boarding, basically anywhere her human goes, she wants to go! (Pictured)

💫 DD is a PawTree distributer which means y’all can get all your dog food, supplements, and yummy treats from us! We can help you make your pet a custom profile and find the best food for them! We are happy to help you with the process.

 10% OFF Orders up to $100 with code INTRO4U10 & 20% OFF Orders over $100 with code INTRO4U20


😍 Be sure to watch our Facebook live on Tuesday evening for fun recipes for your doggo.  Carli got her phone fixed on Friday after it fell off the stand holding it last week.  You never know what is going to happen on one of our fb lives!


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Fun Fact:  Dogs are the most popular pet on the planet!

third of ALL households around the world have a dog. These playful, friendly, loyal animals make great companions, but they can also be fierce and tough protectors, or intelligent helpers.



Tammy & Carli and the DD gang

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