Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

It is HOT outside!!

 Here are some tips to keep your pup cool this summer. 

 Make sure you and your human stay hydrated and cool out there!  Our dogs can get dehydrated from playtime/exercise fast!  Keep fresh water on hand for them at home and traveling too.  We love these water bottles that also make a water bowl for your pup!  

 Protect your puppies feet from the hot cement with booties.  Not only do they protect their feet from the heat/cold they keep stickers away too.

 Get a kiddie pool put your feet in it and chill with fido.

 Make frozen dog approved snacks to cool them down. Watch our fb lives where we share recipes.

 NEVER leave your dog unattended in a vehicle, it is just too hot outside!

 To help you, I have left some Amazon links to the products.  You can also find a lot of these products at your local Woof Gang Bakery, Pet Supplies Plus or any pet store near you.

Yall Stay Cool!


Tammy & Carli and the DD Gang

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