This week at DD

What is going on this week at Dacus Doodles from July 24th thru July 30th

Keep you pets hydrated and safe it is hot outside!

Olive and Goose have honeymooned. We have limited availability on this list. Message us for more information.

Phoebe has finished all of her puppy vaccines. She is growing like a weed and learning her house manners.


DD is now a PawTree distributer which means yall can get all your dog food, supplements, and yummy treats from us! Make a pet profile and find out which food is best for your dog or cat. 


Be sure to watch our fb live on Thursday afternoon for fun recipes for your doggo.

🛍️ Join our DD VIP Product Group


Fun Fact:  Each dog's nose print contains specific patterns to identify them, like human fingerprints. 



Tammy & Carli and the DD gang

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