This week at DD June 26th thru July 2nd

What is going on this week at Dacus Doodles from June 26th thru July 2nd

Rosie Rae is one of our DD mamas.

She has the biggest most beautiful smile ever! Loves to play with kitty cat and she is so loving.

She is a F1B Goldendoodle and is registered with the Goldendoodle Association of North America

She is 75.6% poodle and 24.4% golden retriever.

Rosie will be paired with Goose later this year for a 2024 puppy go home date.

Here is a video of Rosie. 

Rosie x Goose

Meet Paige

She performs our puppy temperament evaluations at 7 weeks, Paige is also a dog trainer based in College Station, Texas who has 9 years of service dog training and handling experience. She has worked with organizations such as Guide dogs for the blind, Assistance dogs of the West, and Patriot Paws on various occasions and participated in the training of over 30 working dogs. She is CGC (canine good citizen) certified and has a long term goal of a doctorate in animal behavior with a focus on canine behavior. Paige has been trained in CGC, Avid dog, Suzanne Clothier and badass breeder style evaluations and now works closely as a consultant with ethical breeders all over Texas who are seeking to further their programs and produce higher caliber working dogs!

We have enjoyed working with Paige  she has so much knowledge and honest suggestions that have helped us grow our DD program.

Paige Countless Pawsabilities

Learn more about Paige here: Endless Pawsabilities 

🐾 Our 2023 list is open contact us for more info.

Ethel x Drew and Charleigh x Maverick lists are full. 

Olive x Goose and Rosie x Goose still have available spots.

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Tammy & Carli and the DD gang

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