This week is a big week!!

This week at DD! August 21st - 27th


The Happenings!

As you all know now, we have been accepted to be a vendor in the Cinco Ranch Painted Tree and we are thrilled! We have been in the shop working hard to stock our storefront for you all and will be moving in THIS WEEK!!!

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Our mamas!

  • Charleigh started her 3rd and last trimester today! She is on day 46! Her tummy is getting so big and we will start seeing the pups move in her belly soon! 

Puppies now have pigmentation and distinctive markings become established, and nail growth begins. The eyes now have lids and remain sealed until approximately 12-14 days after birth.

  • Rosie will start her 3rd trimester tomorrow she’s on day 45! She carries higher than Charleigh or Ethel and it just now really showing a pooch.
  • Ethel is in her 2nd trimester day 42! Her belly is HUGE per her usual.
  • Olive’s confirmation via ultrasound was this morning August 21st and are we are very excited to announce she is expecting! She is on day 31 and in her 2nd trimester! Their spinal cords and facial features are beginning to form!


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Tammy, Carli and The DD Gang!

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