What a week!

What a crazy week we have had at Dacus Doodles.

Lucy's due date was on March 16, so we watched her like a hawk.  Making sure she was comfortable and happy.  March 16 came and went, so we are thinking March 17 which is Carli's birthday.  That would be cool right especially after not sleeping for a few nights?!? This mama needs her rest too.  But NO

March 18 we get all of our orders finished and mailed by 11:00. Carli says "Lucy is acting weird on the Ring camera, you may want to check on her".  I walk over to the puppy palace and sure enough she is in LABOR.  YAY 

She had 3 pups within 30 minutes, that is fast.  Then another in an hour, then another in an hour and 1/2, then we waited for a hour 45 minutes and nothing but a few small contractions.  We called the vet to verify they did for sure see 6 puppies in the x-ray, yes they did.  (BTW our vet Beard Navasota is the best ever)  The vet told us to bring her and the puppies in, when we arrived they did an ultra sound to confirm another puppy did a c-section to get him and all is well.  He was the second biggest and definitely the longest of all the puppies.

Happy to say Lucy and the pups are doing great.  It was exhausting but so worth it seeing/helping bring life into these tiny babies that will grow up to have the ability to heal hearts and change lives!!  

Lucy and her babies


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