What do you need to bring your new pup home?

You are ready for your puppy to come home, but want to know what you need to have at your house to welcome your new pup?

Here is a list with links to some great products you may want to purchase before bringing your little fluff home.

Dog Food - Your puppy will be established on PawTree Chicken and Oatmeal formula dog food.  


Dog Crate - We start crate training before Dacus Doodle pups go to their forever home.  Buy a larger kennel that has dividers in it.  Here is one that we like.  This kennel will grow with your puppy.

You can also cover your pups kennel with a towel, sheet or kennel cover.  

Food and Water Bowls - We feed in our kennels, so we get a bowl that attaches to the side of the kennel.  It is easier for your dog to eat from it and they can not tump their food bowl over.  You can remove them for easy cleaning too.

Dog Bed -  We love the Wash N Zip pet bed.  When it becomes dirty it easily unzips and fits conveniently in your household washer and dryer. You can also get a cover for it.  Use code DACUS for a discount.

Wash N Zip Pet Bed

A nice dog bed for hotter climates, like our Texas weather, is a Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed.  This does not fit in the kennel.

Collar, Leash and Dog Harness - We send our pups home with a handmade dog collar.  We also make all the things for your new puppy! Click here to shop Dacus Doodles Pet Products.  

Dacus Doodles dog collar, harness and leash

This harness is great  for training. 

 Dog Treats - Lots of dog treats!!! These are so good for training.  We get them from Pet Supplies Plus most of the time.  Just make sure they are small, soft, and bite size.  

Toys - Kong toys are very durable and safe for your pup. This kong is great to put dog safe peanut butter in when you are kennel training.

     Kong plush toys are also good.   


A comb and brush - We include a comb in our go home packs. 


We love both of these slicker brushes.

             or this Chris Christensen one  

This should get you well on your way to supplies you need when your puppy comes home.  I am sure I forgot to add something to the list!  I will update the list as needed.

The amazon links are affiliate links, that means we get a very small percent of your sale.  But It is win-win because you did not have to search for all these great products!!  



Tammy and Carli & The Dacus Doodles Gang

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