What is Going on at DD the week?

What is going on this week at DD
May 30 - June 5
We will be setting up the whelping box for Lucy in the puppy palace. Lucy has an xray on Wednesday for puppy count. We can feel and see the puppies moving - I will try to get a video of the puppies chasing tennis balls in her belly for yall to see.
Puppy go home was yesterday and we miss them!! But know yall will be the best puppy parents!
We have 2 available spots. Let us know if you want more information on the puppies that are available or you can click here
Will continue puppy training with Joanna at Biscuit Training.
Tammy, Carli and the Dacus Doodles Gang

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Dacus Doodles on

Awe Thank you!! They are the best!🥰

Sandy on

Beautiful model doodles. I own a golden doodle and it’s the best dog I’ve ever had

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