Yall! Lucy is having puppies in March

It feels like the road has been so long! 

Last August Lucy and Drew honeymooned.  That did not end in a pregnancy.  I just thought that because we went thru all the right steps she would be pregnant.  Not so!  That along with some other things in August crushed my spirit.  I am human too, right?  

Yall, we have worked hard to become a blue ribbon GANA breeder.  That means we have done health testing, OFA testing and some other test to make sure that our Goldendoodles are healthy and will produce healthy puppies.  Our vision is to not only provide healthy puppies to customers, but also eventually service dogs for people who need them.  

BUT we said we will keep on trying. So we tried again in January and guess what, yep she is preggo.  We confirmed yesterday at the vet with an ultrasound.  She and the babies are healthy  and we are super happy!  

She will whelp the middle of March!  Here is a picture of her ultra sound.

Lucy's Ultrasound

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