Top 5 Goldendoodle Breeders in Texas

Yall we have been working hard toward becoming a blue ribbon goldendoodle Texas breeder with GANA  Once accepted to the Golden Doodle Association of North America a breeder must undergo health and dna testing on our dogs to become a breeder.  These health test are done at certain ages of our breeding dogs.  It is a process but well worth the time involved to better the goldendoodle breed.  We are not interested in just "breeding" our loved doodles.  We want to be educated, ethical breeders taking our pups health and the health of their offspring into consideration.  This is why we are honored to be chosen as a top 5 Goldendoodle breeder in Texas. Actually made the list at #1!!  

Click here to check out the list.  The We Love Doodles website has tons of useful information on all the things doodle. 

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